The Life and Art of Sigfried August Keinänen

Sigfrid August Keinänen

Sigfrid August Keinänen (born February 7 1841 in Kuopio – died September 25, 1914 Lempäälä) was a Finnish painter and teacher of drawing, known best now for his portraits and landscapes as well as for his Kalevala artwork. Keinänen’s father was a carpenter in Kuopio carpenter and he himself worked … Continue reading

The Life and Art of Pekka Halonen

Pekka Halonen

Pekka Halonen was a painter of Finnish landscapes and people who would go on to become one of the more notable painters in the world of Finnish Art. This Post provides what’s probably the most detailed information you’ll find on Pekka Halonen in English (there’s not much….) as well as … Continue reading