Finnish Music – the golden era of Finnish-language covers of Foreign Hit Songs in Finland

Mona Carita

Seventy to eighty years ago the majority of Finns were still living in rural communities and in general only had six years of school education. Most Finns spoke only Finnish and listened to Finnish-language songs. As a result, popular music was generally in Finnish and foreign hit songs were often … Continue reading

Skädäm – 1980’s Finnish Rock

Skädäm - Mustat Joutsenet

Skädäm is a Finnish rock-band founded in Kauhajoki in 1984. In 1985 Skädäm won Finland’s Rock-Kuningas (King of Rock) competition. Skädäm’s best-known song is “Katujen kuningatar” (Queen of the Streets, a song which has been covered by any number of other singers).  Another of there better known tracks was the title song of their one and only album from 1986, “Mustat … Continue reading

Korsuorkesteri – Finnish songs from the War Years

Korsuorkesteri 15-year anniversary concert in 2005

Korsuorkesteri – Finnish songs from the War Years Korsuorkesteri is a Finnish band that plays 1950s and 1960s dance music as well as the war-time songs of World War 2, performing about 170 gigs a year. The band’s most recent efforts are the popular Korsuhartaus church concerts. Korsuorkesteri was founded in February 1990 when Pepe Kovanen arranged a special dance program … Continue reading