Gliding in Finland in the 1920’s and 1930’s

Jämi Instructor and Ilmavoimat Reserve Lieutenant T B Nissinen demonstrates the Vaasa clubs "Anssi-Jukka" Grunau Baby glider in the the 1930's.

Gliding in Finland in the early decades of the 20th Century (and private flying for that matter) was closely associated with the Suomen Ilmapuolustusliitto (Air Defence League or SIPL as it was usually abbreviated to). SIPL had been founded in the 1920’s as a kind of Air Civil Guard with … Continue reading

Bengtskär Lighthouse Hotel – a uniquely Finnish experience

The Bengtskär lighthouse

Visiting Bengtskär lighthouse is one of those especially Finnish experiences that are worth the effort. It’s a working lighthouse far out to sea on a small islet in the Baltic Sea where you can stay as a guest. Bengtskär is the tallest lighthouse in Scandinavia and is an impressive national landmark … Continue reading