Reijosfood – a great Finnish Restaurant and Food Blog from Helsinki

Finnish Restaurant

Reijosfood is a great Finnish Food Blog which concentrates on Restaurant and Wine Reviews in Helsinki. It’s also in English, which is really useful for those of us who aren’t Finnish as most local blogs are in Finnish. The Blog has been running consistently since 2012 and there’s a great … Continue reading

Reindeer Recipes from Finland: Now that Rudolph’s surplus to requirements…..

Reindeer Recipes

Christmas has just passed, the season that always brings reindeer to mind. And what better time of the year to try a few reindeer recipes from Finland. It did occur to me that these dishes might not be so popular with my kids – feeding Rudolph to children does raise … Continue reading

Nakkisoppa (Hot Dog or Sausage Soup from Finland)


My kids happen to like sausages, and in Fall and Winter they like soup as well – so how better to keep them happy on a cold Fall day than Nakkisoppa! Sausages AND Soup! The perfect weekend lunch! Now the recipes I was browsing through say wieners, but for myself … Continue reading

Merimiespata – or Sailor’s Stew

Here’s another Finnish recipe for a filling stew (Merimiespata – or Sailor`s Stew) that’s great for one of those winter evening’s that are fast approaching us up here in the frozen arctic wastes of Canada (well, OK, Toronto). Now historically, Finland’s harsh climate meant that fresh fruit and vegetables were … Continue reading

Twenty Iconic Finnish Snacks you need to try

Twenty Iconic Finnish Snacks

There are several prominent candy factories in Finland. The biggest of these are: Fazer, Panda, Brunberg, and Halva. These are the big factories in Finland. But there’s many other yummy candies and snacks than the above – some of them, like Salmiakki in all its varieties, rather hard for the non-Finn … Continue reading

Marshal Mannerheim’s favorite dish – Zander Walewska

zander walewska

Wherever you stroll around Helsinki, you’ll run into reminders of one of Finland’s most famous citizen’s – Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. Statues in bronze and stone, street signs, photographs and the like all serve to remind the visitor to the city of this quintessential European aristocrat who was over the course … Continue reading

Spinach Pancakes from Finland – Pinaattiletut


  Pinaattiletut, or Spinach Pancakes, is one of those Finnish recipes I’d never heard of until I started experimenting with tracking down and trying out Finnish food, more often than not using my kids as the guinea pigs. They can be a bit picky at times (and they’re definitely nor … Continue reading

Porkkanalaatiko (Finnish Carrot Casserole)

Porkkanalaatiko Finnish Carrot Casserole

Porkkanalaatiko is a traditional Finnish Casserole made from carrots and rice baked in a custard of eggs and milk.  The vegetables are cooked and pureed, mixed with milk or cream and eggs, sweetened with brown sugar or molasses, flavored with nutmeg and then baked in the oven. The carrots make … Continue reading

Katinen Manor House Hotel & Restaurant (Katisten Kartano) – Hämeenlinna

Katinen Manor House Hotel Hämeenlinna

Katinen Manor House Hotel & Restaurant is in Hämeenlinna (Southern Finland), only 3 kms from the Hämeenlinna city centre and surrounded by 850 hectares of land and forest belonging to the Manor. The Manor is only an hour’s drive from Helsinki or from Tampere and is a great place for a … Continue reading

Lihaperunasoselaatikko – Cottage Pie from Finland

Lihaperunasoselaatikko - Cottage Pie from Finland

Lihaperunasoselaatikko has similar ingredients to the English “Shepherd’s Pie” or “Cottage Pie” but is slightly different in that the mince is mixed thoroughly with the mashed potato before baking.  However, many Finnish versions of this recipe nowadays follow the English approach, where the mashed potato mix is added above the … Continue reading

Finnish Summer Vegetable Soup (Kesäkeitto)

Summer Vegetable Soup

In early Summer as the first locally grown fresh vegetables become available in stores and markets, Finns make this simple and delicious summer vegetable soup. The soup really highlights the delicate flavors of the fresh vegetables in a subtle way. Even better when served with freshly baked bread, a light … Continue reading

Söderkulla Manor Restaurant – Dining in a historic Finnish Manor House

Söderkulla manor

Formerly a landed estate, today Söderkulla Manor Restaurant welcomes its guests by offering them Finnish and international delicacies. Söderkulla’s kitchen specialises in meals made of fresh Finnish ingredients of good quality and served with carefully selected wines. The emphasis is on traditional Finnish food with an international influence. The Manor features a … Continue reading