Japan’s relations with Finland 1919-1944

Japan's relations with Finland 1919-1944

The content of this post is quoted in its entirety from Japan’s Relations with Finland 1919-1944, as Reflected by Japanese Source Materials and authored by Hiroshi Momose, published in 1973 by Hokkaido University, Japan. The original is available at http://hdl.handle.net/2115/5026. Please note that this article is more or less as written … Continue reading

Finland and the Grafton Affair

Grafton Affair

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Duchy of Finland was part of the Russian Empire, ruled by the autocratic Tsar Nicholas. Finnish Nationalism had been on the rise since the 1830’s and by 1900, resistance to Russian rule was growing, aided by the policy of Russification which had resulted … Continue reading

Twenty Iconic Finnish Snacks you need to try

Twenty Iconic Finnish Snacks

There are several prominent candy factories in Finland. The biggest of these are: Fazer, Panda, Brunberg, and Halva. These are the big factories in Finland. But there’s many other yummy candies and snacks than the above – some of them, like Salmiakki in all its varieties, rather hard for the non-Finn … Continue reading