Finns in the Boer War in South Africa – with the Boer’s

The Scandinavian company in Pretoria, probably on 16 October 1899. Mr Uggla can be seen standing, first row far left.
In the first row centre, under the banner, is a group of five officers. They are, from left, 2/Lt QM Claudelin, 1/Lt Stalberg,
Cpt Flygare, 1/Lt QM Appelgren and 2/Lt Baerentzen. Except for Claudelin, all of these officers were killed or wounded and taken prisoner at Magersfontein, 11 December 1899.

How many of us today know that there were Finns in the Boer War in South Africa – who fought with the Boer forces? Well, they did, within the ranks of the Skandinaviska Karen (the Scandinavian Corps) of volunteers who were a part of the Transvaal militia. Following the outbreak of war, … Continue reading

Jaeger Museum of Finland (Suomen Jääkärimuseo) – Kauhava

Jaeger Museum of Finland

Located within the Natural History Museum of Kauhava, the Jaeger Museum of Finland is a permanent exhibition telling the story of the formation, operations and history of nearly 2000 young men who went to Germany during World War One to learn military skills, with the aim fighting for an independent … Continue reading

Porkkanalaatiko (Finnish Carrot Casserole)

Porkkanalaatiko Finnish Carrot Casserole

Porkkanalaatiko is a traditional Finnish Casserole made from carrots and rice baked in a custard of eggs and milk.  The vegetables are cooked and pureed, mixed with milk or cream and eggs, sweetened with brown sugar or molasses, flavored with nutmeg and then baked in the oven. The carrots make … Continue reading

Katinen Manor House Hotel & Restaurant (Katisten Kartano) – Hämeenlinna

Katinen Manor House Hotel Hämeenlinna

Katinen Manor House Hotel & Restaurant is in Hämeenlinna (Southern Finland), only 3 kms from the Hämeenlinna city centre and surrounded by 850 hectares of land and forest belonging to the Manor. The Manor is only an hour’s drive from Helsinki or from Tampere and is a great place for a … Continue reading

Lihaperunasoselaatikko – Cottage Pie from Finland

Lihaperunasoselaatikko - Cottage Pie from Finland

Lihaperunasoselaatikko has similar ingredients to the English “Shepherd’s Pie” or “Cottage Pie” but is slightly different in that the mince is mixed thoroughly with the mashed potato before baking.  However, many Finnish versions of this recipe nowadays follow the English approach, where the mashed potato mix is added above the … Continue reading