Söderkulla Manor Restaurant – Dining in a historic Finnish Manor House

Söderkulla manor

Formerly a landed estate, today Söderkulla Manor Restaurant welcomes its guests by offering them Finnish and international delicacies. Söderkulla’s kitchen specialises in meals made of fresh Finnish ingredients of good quality and served with carefully selected wines. The emphasis is on traditional Finnish food with an international influence. The Manor features a … Continue reading

Örö – visit an Island Coastal Artillery Fortress in the Archipelago


If you’re aiming to visit Bengtskär, Hanko or the southern archipelago, it’s well worth checking to see if you can visit Örö – an island coastal artillery fortress in the archipelago that offers up some unique scenery and wildlife as well as the interesting military and cultural history. Örö is still … Continue reading

Finland’s War of Choice – The Troubled German Finnish Alliance in World War II by Henrik Lunde – Book Review

Finland's War of Choice by Henrik O. Lunde

While there are many books on the Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-1940, there are very few available in English that cover the 2nd war that Finland fought against the USSR, the “Continuation War” of 1941-1944. While not neglected in Finnish-language studies, there is a dearth of historical works in English … Continue reading

Finnish Music – the golden era of Finnish-language covers of Foreign Hit Songs in Finland

Mona Carita

Seventy to eighty years ago the majority of Finns were still living in rural communities and in general only had six years of school education. Most Finns spoke only Finnish and listened to Finnish-language songs. As a result, popular music was generally in Finnish and foreign hit songs were often … Continue reading

Fast Food in Finland

Rolls Express - Burgers

As elsewhere in the world, Fast Food is popular in Finland and there are any number of fast food outlets. But on the whole, Fast Food in Finland is dominated by half a dozen large chains along with some up and coming contenders. Kotipizza is the largest, with the Hamburger … Continue reading

Laskiaispulla – Sweet cardamom buns

Laskiaispulla - as yummy as they look!

Laskiainen is very old Finnish festival, with ancient pre-christian origins (it seems to have originally been a celebration marking the end of winter and the arrival of spring) that morphed into a popular orthodox christian celebration which falls just before Lent. In it’s current form it has been around since … Continue reading

Finnish Cucumber Salad – Kurkkusalaatti

Finnish Cucumber Salad - Kurkkusalaatti

Well, it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and I was looking around for something to put together quickly to take to a Barbecue at a friends yesterday evening. Salad seemed optimal so I did a quick search on the web and came up with this little gem – Finnish Cucumber … Continue reading