Finnish Weather


Finnish Weather: Finland is a land of climatic extremes. Winter and Summer in Finland are poles apart. In 2010, for example, the highest temperature was 37.2ºC (99ºF), and the lowest temperature was -41.3ºC (-42ºF). Despite these extremes in Finnish Weather, summer temperatures are usually even, often reaching the mid thirties in … Continue reading

1925 – The Last Journey of Torpedo Boat S2

S2 (ex-Prozorlivy and ex-Gagara in Russian service) was a Finnish Sokol class torpedo boat that had been seized from the Russians after the Finnish Civil War 1918.

Between 1900 and 1908, the Russians built 25 Sokol (“Falcon”) class torpedo boats for the Russian Baltic Fleet. These boats served in various roles in the Tsarist Russian Baltic Fleet in WW1. The war went badly for the Russians and in 1917 the Russian Navy mutinied. The mutiny turned into a revolution and … Continue reading